Dean of Students

In support of the educational mission, the division of Student Services seeks to enrich the holistic development of students by fostering personal growth, social responsibility, and a sense of community.

The Dean of Students oversees several student support offices:

2023-24 Student Handbook (pdf) Neighborhood Relations


Dean of Students

Christopher Waugh, PhD

In his role as Dean of Students, Dr. Waugh supports the holistic and personal growth of all students, including instilling within them a sense of community and social responsibility.

Year in Review


This document highlights these contributions to the St. Ambrose educational experience through community engagement and experiential learning. The multiple offices within Student Services collaborated with every aspect of the University, engaging with and empowering student learning inside and outside of the classroom.

As with every aspect of university life over the last year, this work was both challenged and, in some ways, enhanced by the forced parameters of a global pandemic. The Student Services team rose to the challenge, offering seamless services and support in light of this critical and historic circumstance.

Read the 2022-23 Student Services Year in Review (pdf)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

As an institution of higher education, St. Ambrose University is committed to the education of the whole person, both in and out of the classroom.

St. Ambrose University expects students to make informed decisions regarding the role alcohol use will play in their college learning experience. Our policies are established to encourage the safe, healthy, responsible, and legal use of alcohol and other drugs.

The University takes seriously the issue of alcohol and other drug use and abuse, as these behaviors can interfere with an individual's ability to succeed in college both in and out of the classroom.

Please read more about the University's position and policy on alcohol and drug abuse prevention

Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team provides a coordinated analysis and response plan to high-risk student concerns and critical incident reports in order to advocate for student well-being and maintain campus safety.

Submit a request to check on your student

Team Members

Christopher Waugh, Dean of Students

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life and Housing

Robert Christopher, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Security

Filing A Report

Reports of concerning, but currently non-emergency nature, may be submitted by email or phone contact with one of the team members above. If you deem information regarding a certain individual to be an EMERGENCY please contact St. Ambrose Security Office 563-333-6104 or call 911 immediately.

Report Processing
The Team meets regularly and every report will be viewed within 24 to 72 hours of being submitted to begin the review process.

Behaviors that should be reported to the Team include but are not limited to:

  • Disruptive behavior 
  • Possession of a weapon 
  • Conduct violations 
  • Hostile, violent, or aggressive behaviors 
  • Alarming references to firearms, bombs, or shootings 
  • Acts or statements motivated by hatred or discrimination 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse 
  • Drastic, unexpected changes in behaviors 
  • Expressing thoughts of doing harm to self or others 
  • Significant changes in attendance or academic performance
Register a Student Complaint

Students who wish to register a complaint may contact the St Ambrose University Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at 563-333-6000 or by completing the online Student Complaint Form on the Accreditation page (scroll on that page to the section "Register a Complaint").

Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention

The University strives to allow students to live in a campus community free of sexually intimidating circumstances.

St. Ambrose strictly prohibits and will not tolerate any act of sexual violence.

St. Ambrose will treat both the person(s) reporting sexual violence and the accused student(s) with respect and make their rights and options clear.

Please read more about this important policy

Learn about SAU Title IX

Voting Information

General Election

Any voter wishing to vote in Scott County can do so on the St. Ambrose campus during our special early voting dates, regardless of their voting precinct.

If you are a residential student this is an advantage because, depending on your residence hall on election day, you may or may not be voting here on campus. If you are an off-campus student and Scott County resident, this also benefits you because you can vote on campus. SAU Campus precinct boundaries (pdf)


Here is a link to the Scott County Auditor's page with information on voting in Scott County. The St. Ambrose University Rogalski Center is an early voting satellite location.

How do I register to vote?*

If you are not currently registered to vote in Scott County, you will need to show:

  • Proof of identity (a valid driver's license, non-driver identification card, U.S. Passport, U.S. Military ID, ID card issued by an employer, or Student ID issued by an Iowa high school or college)
  • Proof of your current residence
    • If you live on campus you'll need to ask Residence Life (2nd Floor Rogalski Center) for a statement affirming you are a current SAU resident.
    • If you live off-campus you'll need one of the following to prove your residence (if it contains your name and current address): Residential lease, property tax statement, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or another government document.

*Please Note: Registration and voting may only occur in one geographic location. Students may vote locally because they reside in Davenport for the majority of the year. Or, students may also choose to register and vote by absentee ballot in the location of their permanent home address.

How do I vote absentee?

If you prefer to vote in your home county and not in Scott County, you'll need to contact your home county's election officials to request an absentee ballot.

Many absentee ballots can be found online at your county's election website and can be mailed in if you are registered to vote. You may have to register first if you haven't done so already. Each county and state has different rules and regulations regarding registering to vote.

Get your information early and make your vote count.

Other information on voting in Scott County

You will find links to comprehensive information on the Scott County Auditor's page.

Unbiased, non-partisan information about candidates

Dean of Students Office


Christopher Waugh, Dean of Students

Cathy Cunningham, Administrative Assistant


Christopher Waugh, Dean of Students

Dean of Students
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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